Another Parable of a Lion

That they may have a little peace, even the best dogs are compelled to snarl occasionally. – William Feather

It’s been over a month. But, I took on two writing projects at once. It has all panned out now since I’m able to work on a more relaxed schedule. But, it was hectic for awhile just to get things to smoothen out. It was all worth it though.


The other day, I was having a conversation with a girl I have been dating. She was complaining about our relationship not being easy, smooth. It always has its ups and downs. I told her she was welcome to the world of relationships and gave her this insight.

If a lion were to walk in the room, you would feel excited and afraid all at the same time. But, you would definitely know that you are alive. You would look at the lion in awe and you would feel your heart beat nearly out of your chest.

If that lion were to just sit in the middle of the room, you would still admire it. You would look at its powerful arms and huge paws. You would take in the beautiful mane. Your feeling of awe would last awhile.

But, if the lion just sat there in the middle of the floor and did nothing else other than that, the novelty would eventually fade. I know it would take awhile because it’s a lion. But, it would eventually fade.

One day, you might have company and they would be in awe of your lion. They would say, “That’s beautiful. I didn’t know you had a lion.”

And you would say, “Yeah, but all it does is sit there. That’s all it ever does.” Your voice would be flat. Your interest lost.

This is likened to the ups and downs of a relationship. They keep the interest up and the love alive.

What Are Your Thoughts?