Thanks For Coming

If you are here, chances are you are interested in having your articles published on a site that makes you proud to promote them. Yes, you can write, edit, publish, and promote articles on this site and there are only a few guidelines as usual. No pornography. No articles promoting hate. No articles promoting illegal activity such as how to hack websites or how to rob a bank…etc. Use your head.

If you publish your article and then find it missing one day, it’s because the content violates the very loose policies of this site. You can publish other articles. Don’t publish the same article again if it has been removed.

If you go through the site, you’ll see different types of articles. The most common is a write-up about a video. But, you are not at all required to write about a video.

Here are some other ideas:
– A photo gallery
– comedy
– product promotion
– opinion piece

Don’t let the list of suggestions limit you. You have the freedom to write and submit any article that you’d like. Of course, always remember the prohibited content listed above.

What You Need To Do:

First, build your profile. Make sure you give valuable information about yourself and make sure you include links to your website, facebook, twitter…etc. Make sure your profile includes an image of yourself. Profiles are more popular when they are represented by a good looking photo.

Next, your article should have images or videos. Articles are more popular when they have media embedded. Videos can be your own or someone else’s as long as they are embedded in the article with the creator’s embed code and they get credit for the video.

If you find a video that you like and have some passion to write about it, by all means do the write up. Articles should be at least 300 words if you want them to be valuable to anyone.


Images should be about 600 pixels wide. They don’t have to be that exact width as long as they stay in a reasonable range that makes them easy to view.



Feature Images

A Feature Image is required. The Feature Image has to be 1200×627. In case you aren’t aware of what that means, it’s 1200 pixels wide by 627 pixels high.


Reduced in size to fit the page. Right click and view image to see actual size.

Reduced in size to fit the page. Right click and View Image to see actual size.

What Happens Next?

When your article has been published, promote it on Facebook and Twitter. Remember to SHARE it everywhere you are online where your work will be appreciated.

In order to get the most out of your Facebook post, it should look like this:

If you have done everything right, paste the link into a Facebook Update Status. The Feature Image will show up automatically along with the title and the description of the article. Then, delete the link above the Feature Image and write a snappy hook that will get your readers’ attention. It’s that easy.

News Smack intends to promote content that is published by you as an incentive for quality work. We review articles everyday to see which ones we would like to push. If it’s funny, entertaining, or just plain interesting, write it up the best way you know how and we’ll give it our consideration. Could possibly be promoted to our 200,000+ across Facebook and Twitter. Who knows what could happen if it goes viral?

Keep coming back to this page and we’ll add different tutorials to make your online experience more rewarding.

If you are ready, you can begin the process by signing up and filling out your profile. Then, you can submit your first article after you confirm your email address…