Carrie Underwood

It was week 10 when I first noticed the beautiful Carrie Underwood with her hair looking like flames and her voice belting like Leann Rimes. What can I say? I have wanted her to win American Idol from that day. I’m not much on the American Idol. But, this season got me into it. No. Carrie Underwood did!

I mean, yes. Bo Bice kicks ass. He’ll make it far in the industry too. In fact, many of the final contestants will get contracts and we will see them again. But, Carrie Underwood is my Faith Hill, Shania Twain and Martina McBride all wrapped up in one. And she would have been whether she won American Idol or not. She’ll go further than Britney. And she’ll definitely get more attention than Paris. Carrie actually belongs among celebrities. You know, having talent and all. No offense Paris. I’m sure your sweet heart would agree.

It’s not hard to tell, I’m going to follow Carrie Underwood’s career all the way. Get all the CDs. Watch her every show. If she don’t make it big, the world will be missing out on something great.

What Are Your Thoughts?