Christiane Amanpour’s “God’s Warriors”

The debate rages on about the separation between church and state. But, the lines are getting confused. Religion is being viewed more and more as dangerous to the political process and dangerous to society as a whole. I’m not quite sure how all that came about.

When Christiane Amanpour broadcast her documentary God’s Warriors on CNN, I wondered about her approach. She covered the Jews, Muslims and Christians in a different light, and only one side…the fanatics.

Christians have fanatics who blow up abortion clinics. Muslims have fanatics who fly airplanes into buildings. And Jews have fanatics who bomb indiscriminately. But, those are the fanatics. They are not the mainstream who study their religion and follow the principles set forth by their doctrine. “Study” and “Follow” being operative words. The fanatics are missing a few basic principles of their religion like the fact that murder is highly looked down upon and war isn’t ideal, it isn’t the solution nations want. It is only necessary at certain times.

Amanpour’s approach gave light to the American Muslims, a sympathetic approach that makes Muslims look like innocent victims. But, Amanpour uncovered the concerns with the Jews on the West Bank and demonstrated an outright uncomfortable feeling toward evangelicals and their beliefs. A true bias exists toward Christianity. While people report to respect all religions or to at least be able to tolerate all religions, Christians are not getting any of that respect at all.

There are people who actually want to make it a crime for a man to preach in his own pulpit. Rob Kall of OpEdNews thinks it ought to be a crime for a minister to teach that their path is the only way, a basic premise that most religions believe. This is the form of confusion that is causing an imbalance in the notions of tolerance and human rights. The selfish only want to be tolerated and they only care about their own rights. They do not tolerate the differences of others and they don’t care if they walk on anyone else’s rights.

First Amendment

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

I wish more people would read their Amendments and understand what they really mean. Also, I wish others would confuse the issues less. Congress is to make no law for or against religion. In other words, Congress cannot pass a law that would put a man in jail for preaching from his pulpit. But, people tend to take this Amendment the wrong way.

Does it mean that religion deserves no representation in Congress? No. It seems that there are people who would like to keep religious representation out of Congress and the making of our laws.

This is a major problem as far as human rights are concerned. Religion deserves representation in Congress. You can’t deny it. But, Congress can’t make a law for or against religion. Everyone and everyone’s views deserve representation in Congress. But, no laws can be made to give religion any special power or to take any rights away from the religions that exist.

There are people who just don’t have the intelligence to see the major differences. Then, there are people who refuse to see the differences. They keep their thoughts hard lined because it serves their views better, rather than to try to understand.

This is what makes the debate difficult. People who refuse to cooperate with an honest discussion. They expect others to open their minds, but they refuse to keep their minds open. I ask you, what is more dangerous?

What Are Your Thoughts?