Get Ready To Be Thoroughly Disgusted By Coach Joachim Loew’s Public Display

What would be the most vile thing you could watch on television? Once you get past people living in their own waste and eating bugs, Coach Joachim Loew has everyone else beat.

Have you ever driven down the road and stopped at a stop light only to look over and watch the guy next to you knuckle deep in his nose? That’s how bad it is. Except the guy at the light may have forgotten that the car has windows and he’s not actually in a private space.

The thing about Coach Joachim is he doesn’t seem to care. Either that, or he completely forgot the cameras were rolling and now he’s embarrassed because cameras caught every disgusting act that he does while he’s coaching. From eating boogers and smelling his crotch to getting a whiff of his arm pits and checking out what his crack smells like, it’s all caught on film.

None of that is an exaggeration. Watch and see for yourself!

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Here’s Coach Joachim Loew In Action

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