Damien Walters Jumps Completely Over A House Using Just A Swing, Watch How He Does It

When you go for a swing, it’s normally a casual thing. You get on the swing, go back and forth for a bit and then you jump off of it. Have you ever thought of using it to launch you over a house?

This man is phenomenal. Damien Walters is definitely a parkour master who has done some amazing things in the gym as well as the stunts he does as a stuntman. If you’ve never seen him in action, you’ll want to see all of his videos on his youtube channel.

But, you’ll want to check this one out first. Back in the day, we used to ride the swings and see how high we could jump. It was a game we called superman and I thought several times that I got as high as a house. But, it was only a few feet to the drop. Gave my mom a heart attack the first time she saw me do it.

When Damien does it, he actually clears the house. It only takes him a few swings and he launches himself into the air. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. He should go on American Ninja Warrior. He just might be able to take the whole thing.

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