Didn’t Intend to Go Mudding

We were invited to a party deep in the woods of West Virginia. By we, I mean a whole group of friends of mine. I believe there might have been fifteen in all. A few of us looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders, “Why not? Let’s go.”

So, we packed ourselves into a few cars and headed out to West Virginia. We knew it was going to be deep in the woods when we had to pull up to a parking area and then call for a truck to take us the rest of the way back. They met us about five minutes later and we piled into the truck. Tail gate down, several of us took seats on the tail gate while others lined up the sides of the bed and covered the floor. Guys were getting hit in the head with tree branches. I was holding onto a friend of mine while we bounced down the dirt road. She laughed, but we actually slipped a few times and almost ended up on our tushes in the middle of the road.

When we finally came to a parking spot, we still had to walk back a path and then climb down a bank to get to the fire. But, that was awesome. The campfire was right on the edge where a cliff shot straight down to the river. Gave me a feeling of being…of being…of being on a cliff looking down over a river.

We had a great time. I met everyone. I made sure that I went around and shook hands, exchanged names, the whole thing. If I saw someone I hadn’t introduced myself too yet, well, I would.

Eventually it came time to leave. I guess while I was partying, people were moving their cars because we didn’t have to go through all that to get out. People had actually pulled their cars up to where the truck was parked. But, we were missing one. Someone decided to go home early or just get out of there, one or the other. So, a few of us guys decided to take a cab. We were going to walk out to the main road, which I have no idea how far that was or even where it was. But, we started walking. Then, I heard that a few of the girls were having problems. So, I doubled back to see what I could do. The other guys kept walking.

We figured out the problem and the girls got in the car. Since the guys were way ahead of me, I decided to jump on the back of the car and get a ride to where they were. They couldn’t have been that far ahead of me.

We weren’t really that sure of directions at this point and instead of taking a right, she took a left. She drove us right into mud. No, it was a swamp. Not really, it was a small muddy lake.

I was obviously the first one to get muddy. I was on the back. But, soon all the girls had to get out and try to help push. It didn’t work. Mud was being thrown all over us and we hadn’t even pushed an inch. The front wheel drive was shooting mud in the air about twenty feet and I really have to say that was one awesome sight.

I decided I wanted to try to fishtail it out of there. Nothing else was working. I got in and took a look at the steering situation. Going back and forth with the steering wheel, I pressed further and further down on the pedal. Getting nowhere, I floored it. Mud shot straight up in the air and then down on me…inside the car…the sunroof was open.

We were stuck. In the middle of nowhere. Girls were laughing. Several had fallen in the mud and it was hilarious. But, in the back of all of our minds was, “How are we going to get out of here?”

We made phone calls. People didn’t answer. People didn’t know what to do. One car came back, drove around us and left. That made everyone mad.

A few guys came down in four-wheelers and took a look at the situation. They must have heard us laughing and shouting. You know, “Push!! Push!!!” and “Gun it!! Give it all you got!!!” Then, of course, there’s the, “You @&%#!!” and “That &%$@!!” So, there had been some yelling.

The guys drove around us a few times and took a look at the situation. Scratching their heads and rubbing their chins, “We’re going to need the truck! Sit tight. We’ll be right back.”

“Thank YOU!” Ok. We felt like everything was going to be fine. They came a half an hour later with everything they needed. They even had water to pour on the windshield because the car didn’t have washer fluid. It did the job. They pulled us out and we were gone. They were really great guys!! Thanks for everything. They even guided us out the road so we wouldn’t take another wrong turn.

When we got back to my place where everyone decided to hang out and wait for us…well, that’s another story.

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