Two Lives Are Gone And Massive Destruction Of Beautiful Historic Ellicott City Over The Weekend

This hits home with me because I grew up between Virginia and Maryland. Ellicott City, Maryland was overtaken by flood over the weekend and so far, two people are reported dead. Jessica Watsula, 35, of Lebanon, Pennsylvania, and Joseph Blevins, 38, of Windsor Mill, Maryland were both caught in the floodwaters that hit suddenly Saturday.

100 people have been rescued and a state of emergency has been declared on this historic city that was founded by John Ellicott, Andrew Ellicott, and Joseph Ellicott back in 1772. The city has seen floods before, but none like this.

“It looks like the set of a disaster movie,” Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman told The Associated Press. “Cars everywhere, cars on top of cars, parts of the road are gone, many parts of the sidewalk are gone, storefronts are completely gone.”

A hard rain hit at 7pm on Saturday and it kept coming down until about 9pm. Two hours of hard rain brought on 6.5 inches of water. There might have been some warning. But obviously not enough warning to indicate the inclement weather was going to cause so much destruction.

Ellicott Resting Peacefully On The Outskirts Of Washington


A Beautiful City With No Worries In Sight

street view

An Amazing Night Lights Shot

night lights

But, It’s Reported This Clock Is Gone

the clock on main street

What Once Looked Like This


Now Looks Like This

caplans flood

The Town Is Devastated


Experts Say It Will Take About A Month

flood waters

And Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars To Recover

street damage

The Power Of The Massive Floods


And This Is The Aftermath For Many People

high water

Devastating Footage

Heroes Arrive In Time Of Need

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