Freedom of Speech

I love when people say the things that I would love to have said had I been asked. When asked on Headline News about their reaction to an article in a school newspaper, most students said that the article voices an opinion. Everyone has a right to their opinion.

A student writes an opinion editorial about how he believes homosexuals are the product of errors during pregnancy or inappropriate upbringings. It’s an opinion. It’s his opinion. And it’s only an opinion.

Is it offensive? Yes, of course some people found it offensive. But, that should never be a measure we use to begin censorship of the opinions we publish. We can’t make people afraid to voice their opinions. We can’t restrict people from voicing only certain opinions while others are perfectly fine for consumption of our free society.

In this world, it’s getting so twisted. People can literally write any crap they want as long as it is offensive toward the United States, offensive toward America‘s military, offensive toward Christians, offensive toward parents, offensive toward men, offensive toward Caucasians…everything that makes me who I am. But, I would never ask anyone to put down their pens because their words are offensive.

I laugh when you write offensive words against politicians, lawyers, neo Nazis, homophobics, and loud mouth blowhard misinformed movie producers.

I tolerate what you write about hillbillies, trailer park residents, and McDonald’s employees.

But Wow…the world literally erupts when you write anything offensive against homosexuals, women, the culturally diverse, and all other religions besides Christianity and Jews.

Al Sharpton will get all tied in knots if you say one thing about his Rutger women’s basketball team, but it’s ok for him to get his followers to chant, “…bloodsucking Jews.” His anti-Semitic statements incited one individual to shoot five people and set the Jewish-owned store Freddy’s on fire.

Jesse Jackson will raise holy cane if you say something about the four felons from Illinois, but it’s ok for him to refer to New York City as “Hymietown.”

North Newton High School in Newton, Massachusetts held a “Transgender Bisexual Gay Lesbian Awareness Day.” The principal banned parents from attending. Only the parents who were invited were allowed to attend. Only certain parents were invited. And those parents did not include anyone from the Mass Resistance Organization or any religious parents who oppose homosexuality.

Interesting stuff, this list could go on forever. Don’t preach tolerance if you aren’t willing to tolerate. Don’t practice free speech if you aren’t willing to allow others to speak. And you look really weird with your head up your butt, so take it out and look around.

With everyone telling everyone else how to think, they get lost and fail to see a straighter, more perfect way. I love writing pieces like this because they allow me to scratch the itch that annoys my brain.

What Are Your Thoughts?