Having the Best

Buying a new car. Living in a nice home. Kids have designer clothes. The dual of having and having the best.

I walk by beautiful homes where the doctors and entrepreneurs live together. I wouldn’t mind one day living in my own beautiful home. In fact, I have one in mind. I see the convertibles and the SUVs and I haven’t decided which one I wouldn’t mind having one day. My daughter especially will have everything she needs and, hopefully, most of what she wants. I’m not opposed to enjoying the best things that life has to offer.

But, they don’t rule me. If I can’t have them, I don’t need them. I have a nice apartment with everything I need. I watch the fitness channel in the morning until Dawson’s Creek comes on the TV. I watch it while I’m working. I’m not ready to workout until 3 p.m. I just watch the fitness channel in the morning to get some of that energy they have and help me start a positive day. My phone starts ringing off the hook around 9 a.m. while I’m trying to work. It’s telemarketers. I tell them to give me their number at home, I’ll call them later. They don’t like the idea of me calling them at home. That’s a trick I learned from Seinfeld. I relax on my couch and write from my laptop. Today it’s natural stress relief. Tomorrow it’s another chapter in a sci fi. I’ll try to fit my screenplay in there somewhere, every day another day to add to my masterpiece. I’m on a diet to lose weight, but I enjoy a nice steak dinner from time to time. I took my mom to Applebee’s a few weeks ago when we were in Morgantown. I’m thinking about law school. I enjoy these things in my life and I’m constantly trying to make things better for myself, which will mean things will be better for my daughter.

But, nothing rules me. I don’t need the nice car or the beautiful log cabin I have designed in my mind. My daughter will wear what I can afford until I can afford the best for her. I don’t mind just having what I need. And that can be reduced to living in the woods with my hammock and poncho while I eat off the land if I ever have to live that way. I won’t let the best things in life rule me. I won’t let those things be the center of my happiness or my focus. Enjoying a body of work that comes from the greatest thoughts in philosophy and theology is my focus. Knowing myself and gaining positive perspectives is my happiness. These things no one can take away.

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. ~ Luke 12

What Are Your Thoughts?