In The Most Extreme Races, People Come To See The Crashes As Much As Who Wins

Extreme racing is a pretty good lesson in life. It’s the only way to live by the way. If it’s not going as fast as possibly can, it’s not going fast enough.

Does than mean, don’t stop to smell the roses? Not at all. Even the most extreme racers get off their bikes and enjoy plenty of downtime. But when it’s time to go, they don’t stall. They don’t hesitate. And that’s the lesson to learn in life. Hit the ground running.

Sometimes You’ll Nail It

Sometimes It Will Nail You

You’ll Take The Twists And Turns With Grace

But You Have To Take Your Bumps And Bruises Too

You’ll Fly Through Life One Way Or Another

And You’ll Go Through Hell

But Don’t Ever Stop Trying Until This Is All You See

In Love and Peace,
Michael Allen

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