Instagram Tests Screenshot Warnings for Stories

Instagram Tests Screenshot Warnings for Stories
Instagram is borrowing another feature from Snapchat<\/a>, although this is one you&#39;ll definitely appreciate if you value your privacy.<\/p>

The social site has&nbsp;confirmed<\/a>&nbsp;to&nbsp;TechCrunch<\/i>&nbsp;that it&#39;s testing a screenshot warning system for Stories. If you&#39;re in, you&#39;ll get a notice that Story creators can see the screenshots you take. You won&#39;t get an alert with each screenshot when you&#39;re the creator, but you will see that people took screenshots when looking at your viewer list.<\/p>

There&#39;s no word on whether this will be a widely available feature. That likely depends on how the warnings affect habits. It might back away if it notices that many users stop watching, for example.<\/p>

If this does roll out, however, it could encourage Story creation among those who&#39;d otherwise hesitate to hit the record button. Stories on services like Instagram or Snapchat are alluring in part because you can share moments from your day without leaving a permanent public record. The alert system could discourage creepers from getting around that restriction to take embarrassing screenshots, and could help you spot abuse that you&#39;d otherwise miss.<\/p>

PSA: How you get notified on Instagram when someone took a screenshot of your Stories\/Iua2QeyskF<\/a><\/p>&mdash; iz reading On the Edge of Scandal ? (@readbyher) February 11, 2018<\/a><\/blockquote>

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