Just Maybe We Do


I was sitting here with mixed emotions.  And even though I have been a New Orleans Saints fan since I was ten years old, I harbored those mixed emotions for quite awhile.  A city full of destruction and tonight we celebrate a football game.  I have mixed emotions because I’m happy to see the Saints play in their Superdome again, to come home finally after over a year.  But, I was also wondering if we get it.  Do we even know what it’s all about?


The pre-game shows were all about the imagery of the destruction from over a year ago.  Houses with no roof, some are even sitting on their sides, abandoned cars with grass growing up around them, trees lying over, and complete neighborhoods looking as if they will never get back up.  The imagery is not from a year ago.  That imagery is still there today.  And there are issues.  My word, there are issues.  There are reasons to be upset because a government agency designed to answer the call didn’t know what to do.  There are reasons to be confused because of facts like an entire community just up the street from me has been built completely over the summer, but communities in New Orleans are still a wreck.  There are so many issues involved.


And our world faces death, war, destruction and loss.  It’s not just New Orleans to feel upset about.  The entire world is working against itself.  The President of America was called the devil in a meeting at the United Nations.  We’re still in Iraq and Osama Bin Laden is still alive it seems.  Children are hungry and dying.  Mothers are homeless.  Fathers feel helpless.  And the world hurts.


But, we make a big deal about a football game.  I’d love to see the statistics on how many people were viewing the game tonight.  The Goo Goo Dolls opened up one great celebration with their hit song that really fits the occasion when they sang “Better Days.”  U2 and Green Day blasted their motivating song “The Saints Are Coming” during their pre-game show and in their encore performance at half-time just in case you missed it.


But, from the punt block by Gleason that resulted in the Saint’s first touchdown of the night, we knew we were in for one great game.  Then when Brees makes a connection with Henderson, it results in another touchdown in the first quarter.  Now, I admitted earlier that I had been a Saints fan since I was ten years old.  That is true.  I’ve had to admit that over the years to so many people and they had to believe me.  I mean, who would say that they were a Saints fan other than someone who lived in New Orleans?  But, I did.  I was devoted because I was told one day as a young man that it was noble to root for the underdog.  Who else could have filled that bill?


But, the Saints have never played like this before.  They enter the game at two wins no losses.  And then in the first quarter, they have scored more points than they ever have in any quarter.  Something has caught this team on fire.  And for once, I get to feel the victory because I am a Saints fan.  I’ve hung with them through the years.  I deserve “Better Days.”  This is phenomenal and the energy never stops.  The Saints keep up their momentum throughout the game and I am thinking I just might have a good year this year because if they can do it tonight, they can do it tomorrow and the next day as well.  Reggie Bush keeps pounding the ball down the field with each carry he gets.  McCallister makes play after play happen all through the game even on his surgically rebuilt right knee.  The defense is doing all but shutting the Falcons down.  Keeping the Falcons to only three points, the defense does their job.  And they do it well!  Vick ended up getting sacked and going on the ground more times than he ever has in any game since he started playing in the NFL.  Final score, Saints twenty three to Falcons three.  Saints are now three wins and zero losses.


And for awhile, we forgot the imagery of Katrina.  For just a few moments, we were able to forget our hurt and enjoy a football game.  For just an evening, we were able to forget ourselves.  We put ourselves into something else and we made it bigger than all the problems we have.


When I was young, my mom used to try to take my mind off of things by giving me something to do.  If my father lied to me again, mom put a mixer beater in my hand so I could lick off the freshly beaten mashed potatoes.  When Candy broke up with me over the phone, mom handed me a cup of coffee and asked me about a poem I just wrote.  When they wouldn’t let me play for my football team because we had moved across town, mom handed me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich complete with a side glass of milk.  Now, you just can’t beat that. 


My problems were so much greater than the solutions she handed me.  But, what she did was take my mind off my problems for awhile.  And, you know something!  When I remembered my problems, they weren’t as big as they originally seemed.  I could face them.  I could tackle them.  My life wasn’t over.


So, I may have started watching the game with mixed emotions.  But, I don’t have mixed emotions now.  I know that sometimes the rest of the world can’t understand how we can keep moving forward.  How we can forget our problems for a few minutes while we turn on a football game.  I know there are people throughout the world who think that we don’t have a clue.  But, maybe we do.  Just maybe we do know what it’s all about.  Life isn’t supposed to be that serious.  Enjoy the game.  And then, get back to work tomorrow.  Spike Lee said it, “The sport brings everyone together.”  Being together is really what it’s all about.  I’ve learned a few things along the way.  I’m always willing to share what I have learned.  And I hope that they can be helpful to you no matter what problems you face.



Don’t roam the world looking for the meaning of life.  Make a grand entrance and define it for yourself.


With all that I’ve been taught, it seems to me that the meaning of life just might be to help those less fortunate than ourselves.


And finally,


Don’t people get it that the world was given to us so that we could be together?



~ Just Maybe We Do! ~

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