Mistress Dragged By Her Hair And Thrown Off A Bridge

She must have gotten caught in the middle of the act. This wife is going ham on her husband’s mistress.

Dragging her by her hair down the street. Then, what she does at the end is hilarious. This is just like a movie. A comedy about a wife who catches her husband’s mistress in the act. That’s a perfect plot and a great ending.

Of course, Nancy Grace was commenting on the video and talking about all the evidence of assault she caught in this recording. Sometimes, Nancy don’t get it. That mistress isn’t going to press charges. She would have to be stupid to ask for another episode of scorned wife revenge.

If you’re going to play with fire, you’re going to get burned. You don’t run and tell when your life’s choices catch up to you. That’s a punk move and this wife looks like she’d have more waiting for her if she ever did try to press charges.

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