My Broken Piano


Bing, out of tune

Bing, bing, a clash out of tune

But, sweet to my ears


Burned dolls on the floor

Dirty blankets with holes

An old ripped coloring book

And my broken piano


What do I remember first?

There’s so much and it’s not all there

Before my memories fade

Grab it all in and don’t let it go!


It’s a part of you

It makes the you

The who no one knows

They never know

Just you and your broken piano


Pieces of you all over the floor

You want what? There isn’t any more

You didn’t have the life others had

They were getting ahead, and youÂ…


You were playing that damn broken piano


You were stuck with that damn broken piano


Dragging it everywhere you go

Won’t even leave it behind once

Won’t let it alone for a minute

It felt like betraying an old friend


If you closed it up and walked away

Because it was there too

Through everything about you


Years later, you’ve grown

It’s still there in your room

Wrap your arms around yourself

And remember the you

The who no one ever knew


No one will ever know

It’s always just me and my broken piano

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