My Daughter’s Grocery List

I guess I’m better than swimming and carrots. At least, that’s what my daughter tells me. She is a phenomenal creature with an interesting way of putting things. Swimming and carrots, two things she absolutely loves. But, she loves me more.

When I was a kid, I loved candy bars and soda. If someone offered me candy, I took it. And I didn’t need any gadgets to help me eat candy either. Just having candy was perfectly fine with me. Today, kids have colorful, machine operated dispensers or lollipops that twirl in your mouth. All kinds of interesting doodads to get kids interested in candy. We didn’t need any of that. Just give us the candy!

But, I can’t offer my daughter candy bars. She wants miniature carrots. I took her to the grocery store the other day and she made the grocery store list. I’ve got to share it with you.


Pop cicl









Ice Cream

Ice Cream Cones

Ceywcmer…(Cucumbers ~ I had absolutely no clue and it took her awhile to figure it out herself.)

Rach…(Neither of us could figure this one out. So, we just laughed in the middle of the store.)

If my mom would have ever given me the chance to make a grocery list, it would have read more like this: Capn’ Crunch, Dry Roasted Peanuts, Dr. Pepper, Chicken Nuggets, Pizza, Miniature Hersheys, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Beef Jerky, Chocolate Milk, Peanut Butter, Jelly, Macaroni and Cheese, Pudding, and Bubble Yum.

But, my daughter’s list is quite healthy. There’s more fruit and vegetables in there than anything else. No cookies. No candy. As we walked through the store getting everything on her list, I had to throw stuff in for me to eat. I’m clearly not part of this health fanatic generation.

She’s still at that young age, getting excited about everything. Her little hands putting stuff in the cart and she stands there pointing at the things she can’t reach. She loves to push the cart and I only get involved when the market is such a chaotic mess that I have to drive before my daughter bangs into someone. There’s usually some old lady who thinks she owns the place. Normally people are nice to my daughter. But, there’s always one lady who won’t move for nothing.

Oh, I could go on for days about stuff like that. And I love my elders in their older generation. But sometimes, they can literally pick your last nerve. They cover the entire aisle as they walk slow, stop often and read everything. So, you turn around and go back the other way only to find more old people in the next aisle doing the same thing.

My daughter doesn’t even notice that my mind is about ready to melt and ooze out of my ears. I keep a smile on my face and I repeat to myself, “Ten breaths, ten breaths…ten @%& breaths!”

But, life is too short to stress and my daughter can put a smile on my face anytime. Especially when she says things like, “I love you more than swimming and carrots.” That means something special to her, so that’s something special to me.

So, I look down at her and say, “I love you more.” It starts a “I love you more” battle that includes numbers that don’t exist. A cazillion, drillion, fillion times. Ah, let the old people hog the aisles and their one day out a week. I’ll just sit here and play silly games with my daughter and make up numbers that don’t exist.

“I love you infinity plus infinity.”

“I love you infinity plus infinity plus one.”

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