One Cat Woke Up And Found Out It Had Been Neutered While It Was Asleep

neutered cat

It would be a sad day for any of us. If you woke up and found out that your third leg was gone, what would you do?

I think I’d totally flip out and try to track my bits and pieces down somewhere. I would call everywhere I was that night and ask if they’d seen it. I’d look through the couch and go through my car. I’d think of everywhere it could possibly be and then go through the freezer and the cabinets. Hey, I’ve left the remote in there before! Doesn’t hurt to look.

But, a cat doesn’t have those options. All it can do is look at it and scream that its worse nightmare has in fact come true. That’s what happened to Milo. His owner, John Reed thought he’d take Bob Barker’s advice and get his pet neutered. The thing is, he didn’t tell Milo what was happening. I think Milo should have been the first to know.

Milo thought he had a friend. But, he woke up to find out that John was nothing more than a cruel sadistic man who took his dignity while he was asleep . . .

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