Political Correctness? Guilted Therapy!

This conversation as most things get is way off target. It’s not where it’s supposed to be and I’ve had fun reading everything about it. Especially how the media just totally destroys any viable meaning and takes it their own way because they lack the ability to truly understand any actual inherent issues.

“Faggot” may be offensive to some people and that makes Ann’s point.

The meaning of the entire statement has been blown way out of proportion and made into the political issue of the day.

Underlying all that is the truth to what Ann was referring.

Politically incorrect speech only applies to some people and that’s a fact. People who are not allowed to say whatever they want, in America, under the constitution, are ordered or guilted into therapy. They are guilted by those who are allowed to say whatever they want to say. Guilted into entering some kind of group where they will be forced to work through their confusions and hopefully come out somewhat healed, free of ill from their disease.

Tim Hardaway – Whoa! Couldn’t have made a more stupid statement in public. But, did he have a right? Does he have a right to feel the way he feels? NO, he needs therapy to work through his homophobic confusions.

Michael Richards – Whoa! And whoa again! Was really stupid! Send him to a therapist. Make him apologize to the public. Strip him down and beat him in the courtyard.

Dixie Chicks – Remember them! When they said stuff about we shouldn’t be at war. They didn’t understand why we were there. They didn’t want us there. And Toby Keith shamed them. Yeah, now they’re back because everyone agrees with them. How things change. They needed put in the corner and told when to come out. When we finally saw their side of the coin, we told them to come out of the corner.

Am I making any sense?

All I want is what is fair. We have constitutional rights. And we will let Jessica’s rapist and murder exercise his constitutional rights in a court of law even though he stole those same rights from young Jessica.

But, Ann Coulter cannot exercise her’s!! We will not have that!

If you feel that what I just said could be wrong, maybe I made my point.

What Are Your Thoughts?