411: The Raging War Of Plagiarism After Melania Trump’s RNC Speech

In case you have missed a few things, Melania Trump gave a speech at the RNC to support her husband. What happened the following day was an all out Clash of Titans. But, let’s try to understand why it happened.

In the political game at this level, there is only one way to go at this point and that is down. Throw dirt at the other guys and nitpick everything they do or say. That’s the way the political war is fought and that’s what’s going on today.

This time, it’s about Melania Trump’s speech. In it, there were lines from an old Michelle Obama speech and that’s plagiarism. It’s the act of taking someone else’s words and claiming them as your own. Giving a speech implies that those words are genuinely yours and in this case, some of them weren’t.

Of course, anyone with any common sense would have known Melania didn’t write her speech. She is not a speaker. She’s only doing it to support her husband. Low and behold, the speech writer for the Trump campaign took responsibility for the mistake. But, it doesn’t matter much at this point.

The speech should have never contained words from another person’s speech, not even a sentence or two. It makes Melania look like the bad guy. No one cares now that the speech writer is taking the blame. The media and the online jury are all over Melania about it.

But before I really get into all that, I’m just going to say this:

And then, I’m going to say this:

Okay, glad we had that talk. Now back to this whole plagiarism thing, here is the proof that Melania’s speech did in fact have lines from an earlier Michelle Obama speech…

So, there it is side by side. It cannot be denied. That’s when the online jury started pounding Melania for the huge faux pas that WE ALL KNOW in politics is a major NO NO! (or is it?)

The Online Jury Can Be Hilarious When They Want


Like This Old Flashback

mili vanili

And Of Course, A Bust Like This

trump university

Then, The Other Side Comes To Her Rescue

to her rescue

And They Came With This

plagiarism chart

I Was Just Wondering, Have I Said This Yet?


CNN did a great job by the way coming up with that side by side comparison. They took genuine interest into setting that straight for anyone who had a question about it. Which prompts me to ask, did CNN ever put a side by side comparison together when any other candidate plagiarized?

CNN Did Not Compile This Side By Side

So, this is how the political battle is going to go. But, it’s not one sided nitpicking. I can promise you that. Both sides are just as hilarious when it comes to name calling and pointing fingers. Every day is a new petty scandal that I’m going to have fun highlighting from here until the end of the election.

Of course, I’ll have plenty of material to continue after the election too. Because that’s part of the battle. The day after the election, no matter who won, they will already be doing something wrong. Politics! It’s the best show on earth!
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