Sticklers or Righteous: You Be The Judge

A lady in Chicago is facing over $100,000 in parking fines. It appears her ex-boyfriend abandoned the $600 car in the employee parking lot at the O’Hare International Airport. If it’s revenge for breaking up, what a way to do it?

Jennifer Fitzgerald filed a suit against the city over the fines and named her ex-boyfriend by the way. I think if anyone should get fined, it should be him. But what’s hilarious to me is the fact that the car isn’t worth as much as the tickets. If they had that kind of money, they wouldn’t have a $600 car.

So, common sense has to come into play here. The judge did dismiss the suit so that the two parties could work something out between them. I would say that the city could drop all of the charges save for one. One lousy parking ticket is really all this case needs, and the boyfriend should pay it.

But, what happened to common sense when police kept piling on ticket after ticket on a car that was parked in a parking lot illegally for nearly three years? Don’t they normally tow a car by then? The  car should have been impounded. By now, it should have been transferred and sold at an auction. I’ve seen them do it before, why not in this case?

But common sense doesn’t always come into play. Can you imagine a person parking the car and then getting injured, put in a coma for three years? What would they do then? Would they still fine the person even though it was extenuating circumstances?

Cases like this happen all the time. People are caught in situations they can’t control or know nothing about, but law enforcement wants to hammer them anyway. What do they get out of it?

What Are Your Thoughts?