Student Gets Pics From Hot Professor And Is Offered Awesome Benefits

Imagine sitting in class one day and all of a sudden you get an unexpected text. They aren’t the best things to get all the time. But, this one was a little different.

hot professor
This lucky guy gets a picture like this. Who wouldn’t say, “Yes!” Send me all you have!
boob job
Sent to the wrong number. How do people keep doing that? It’s Texting 101: Things you don’t do.
criminal minds
So, that’s how he got the A! When he said “One more thing…” and she said “Anything,” I might have had a whole different conversation with her. But hey, it’s always good to tell someone how awesome they are.
online classes
And he shows the proof! She followed through with it. But, I wish he hadn’t blacked out her name. I’d be looking her up about right now.
Give the guy his props! He deserves it!

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