Target Audience Magazine Features Michael Allen

Thoughts and Reconsideration Michael Allen

Thoughts and Reconsideration Michael AllenIt’s always an honor to be Featured in a Magazine, especially when it’s written by the editor of the Art & Writing section of Target Audience Magazine. I was a little worried at first when I started reading the article. But, I love when writers put beautiful twists in their articles.

The article highlights “I Hear You, Brother!,” part of “A Danger to Society,” and “In Finding.” What I like most about the article is that the editor understands the poetry. He understands the subjects and he talks about them with a good feel of the material.

My poetry does cover a wide range of subjects that I have organized into themes of Love | Hate | Philosophy | Spirituality. Those seem to be recurring themes in my writing although I touch on so much more than that throughout this Journey in Poetry.

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Featured Poet July 2012: Michael Allen


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