That Simple Idea Once Called America

Law, laws and politics, what a wonderful web we weave. America started with such a simple notion to be free. Now it’s a complex mix of laws and statutes, paragraphs and sections, fine lines and loopholes staring straight at us and breathing its bad breath right in our face. Every freedom we have is being challenged on some front. The right to bear arms is an uncomfortable situation for a few among us. The right to worship is being challenged to the extreme. The right to free speech is slowly slipping out of our fingers. And that’s just a few.

Ava Kingsford felt the need to rent a car and drive from Denver to San Diego rather than submit to a breast exam by airport security staff. Ava was getting ready to fly with her son when she was flagged for a pat-down search at Denver International Airport. She took the security precautions in stride until the female security screener notified her that she was going to feel her breasts. A Transportation Security Administration official remarked that after recent terrorist attacks by women on airliners in Russia, the Denver airport instituted a new pat-down policy for women that “does require going beneath, between and above the breasts.” Trying to cooperate as much as she could, Ava submitted to pulling her tank top down far enough so they could see she wasn’t hiding anything. But, that wasn’t good enough. So, she rented a car and drove home. Ava said the policy goes beyond common sense.

I agree. I have never been patted down to the point that I felt someone cupping me or checking beneath, around or above my member. No other exams either. It could get that bad. The only place they do searches like that is in a prison. Is that what we all are facing? Our homeland security seems to be taking more and more privilege in taking whatever freedom they desire as long as they package it in a language that speaks to the very fear they are cultivating. Since when did we start becoming such fearful people trying to hide ourselves in a shell from the little punks with the big talk? Yes, I mourn the thousands of people lost to terrorism. But, I refuse to let the punk cowards scare me from enjoying the freedoms we fought so long and hard to gain.

Discussing the right to bear arms brings about the quickest history lesson ever. We decided to include that one in the Constitution because we didn’t have arms at one point. Few of you will remember the time when our streets were gaurded by British soldiers. They came in our houses and ate our food, slept in our bed and took the remote to watch whatever channel they wanted. See, we fought a whole war over that because we wanted to be able to feel safe in our own homes and on our own streets. We created a whole new set of rules about things concerning those issues. Writ of Habeus Corpus says that no one can enter your residence without your approval. The right to bear arms is so that we will always be able to defend ourselves against unlawful entry, breaking and entering or that out of hand uncle who doesn’t understand the word, “leave.”

I’ve heard the arguments, but they don’t make much sense to me after I take into account everything else going on with the issue. The strongest argument is how many kids grab the guns stashed in the house and decide to play with them. Kids end up getting shot because the gun wasn’t properly locked up or placed in a safe place. It seems we talk about educating our kids and talking to them about such things as drugs and teenage pregnancy, but we can’t seem to trust parents to talk to their kids about gun safety or, “The gun is here. Don’t touch it.” Plus, while we are making laws, we could make laws about keeping guns under proper lock and key rather than taking them out of the hands of law abiding citizens. I could go on, but I feel some liberal readers rolling their eyes. So moving on, making guns illegal will take them out of the hands of criminals is about the most naive argument I’ve ever heard. Criminals are ciminals for a reason, they do things that are not legal. They will have guns anyway. So, armies, police and criminals all have guns while the law abiding citizen has nothing. Great idea! I see it working…against us!

I don’t really have much to say about the right to worship. But, I do find it wrong that a kid should be given detention for praying over his meal. I also find it a bit excessive that some people use an argument that they are offended because some historical artifact has a religious connection. Get over it! I have to deal with things I don’t really care too much for, but I do it out of a little thing called “tolerance.” As a free country, we should practice tolerance and not, “Get that thing out of my eye sight, it offends me.” We are stepping on one person’s freedom to be able to give someone else their wish. How ironic our house of freedom under tolerance is being reduced to an outhouse void of anything meaningful.

Sure it’s wrong to yell, “fire!” in the middle of a theater unless there is actually a fire. But, people ought to be able to say what they want to say. If we talk about racist remarks, let that person face what hurt has been caused by that choice of words. I think it is beyond us to try to define politically correct speech. What is that anyway? Let the politicians to their office. Let us speak in the terms we choose. I am not out to offend anyone. But, it happens. I say what I feel like saying. Who knows? I may have been taught to speak on such terms as the people themselves have defined. I’m not going to single anyone out just to make a specific example, but I have been told by my friends to be comfortable around them and call it like I see it. No matter what they were. Sexual orientation, cultural background, physical development, psychological standpoint or whatever difference a friend of mine might have with me, I have been put at ease to speak to them and about them as they would speak as well. We all are who we are. Show me what you’re working with and you have a good advocate in me. But, the best of it is to accept what political, religious, gender, class or whatever other statement that could be made in adversity to yours and come back with what you have to say. When people can sit and talk no matter what the issue, that’s when we have gone beyond the child within us and made it grow up a little. How are we ever going to learn more about each other anyway?

That great idea once called America has been challenged on all fronts and it has lost many of the distinctive qualities that were attractive. A Soviet soldier once said that he saw the USSR moving toward a more free society while seeing America move in the other direction. I was deeply saddened. I thought we had a good thing going here. But, too many people want to take us in a direction that we didn’t start with. I guess they just wanted to see America reflect all that was wrong in what we saw when we decided to come here and get away from it all. Too bad. All the lands have been claimed and they should all reflect a way of life that is good for the people who live here. This land should have been left for those who wanted freedom.

What Are Your Thoughts?