That’s About a Day

Normally at this time in the morning I’m too busy to have these kinds of thoughts. They don’t naturally come to mind until at the end of the day. But, I’m sitting here thinking about the world and I’m between a humorous laugh and a hysterical one.

I knew one day it would happen that I would finally watch an episode of Friends I hadn’t seen before. I didn’t get to watch them all in the first ten years. There were episodes I couldn’t help but miss. I’ve been watching the reruns since they started on TBS and all of my friends are wondering why I would keep watching a show when I’ve watched all the episodes. But, last night came one episode I know I haven’t seen. And now I know I have to keep watching Friends because there’s going to be another lost episode one day.

I’m also grateful that last night was the night when television returned to normal totally. Months ago Jim and Pam had gotten together and you know how long I had been waiting for that? Then the writer’s strike begins and television gets all out of whack. The Office was playing on TBS, but they took it back to last season when things got awkward between Jim and Pam. I wanted them together. I thought they belonged together and I hate when shows do that. It’s like that’s all they have to make a story so they draw it out forever.

Anyway, last night The Office was back on track. They backed it up a few episodes just to remind us what was happening. But, Pam and Jim are together and I like the show better that way because it’s much better when they are getting along. They team up on Dwight and get him going. And that my friends, makes that show.

What happened to syndication by the way? Seinfeld had to go completely off the air before they started running reruns. Friends too. The older shows were off the air for a long time before people saw their value and ran them again. But, everything is being syndicated as soon as it hits television. I’m watching CSI: Miami episodes from the first season while this season is still being made. I watched a rerun of The Riches two days after I saw the original episode. They changed our world on us and didn’t bother to let us in on it.

The other night when I was watching Deal or No Deal, an Army Soldier was heading for Iraq. He was there with his wife supporting her while she played the game. But, he had about a month before he would be shipped off to the war. As he told the audience that he was headed to Iraq, he broke up with a jerk of a tear in his eye. I understood that. It has nothing to do with the fact that he is afraid of war.

Think about it! He is on television, which is probably something he has never been apart of before. That’s an emotional thing. He is looking to win about a million dollars. He has an entire audience of people looking at him and all the hype that takes place on Deal or No Deal. With all of that pressure and the announcement that he is going to be going to war, leaving his wife at home to go off and do his duty…of course, his voice cracked.

And I find it simply interesting that Barack Obama is on the television in some kind of capacity every 30 seconds. Is this a sign that the entire news industry and most of the television industry as a whole are backing Obama? Even when it’s a story about John McCain, the media finds a way to put Obama in the story somehow…every time.

Now, I know that Obama is going to be in some of the stories because that’s the nature of politics and he is McCain’s opponent…it would seem. Hillary isn’t out yet, but I think we’re leaning toward Obama running for president. And he always seems to be thrust into every news story or mention of John McCain.

I can understand the contrast when the news reports, “When John McCain spoke about Al Qaida being in Iraq, Barack Obama countered that Al Qaida wasn’t in Iraq until we invaded Iraq.” That’s a sensible contrast.

But when they mention that John McCain was visiting Ohio, “Barack Obama has been to Ohio too.”

“John McCain had bacon and eggs this morning for breakfast…Barack Obama says bacon and eggs are a great way to start your day.”

And speaking of Al Qaida, it’s interesting when I hear news stories about suspicious things going on in the world. Ricin was found in a motel room. A man is listed in critical condition.

Officials say, “It has nothing to do with terrorism…”

Whew! That’s good. I’m glad the officials are saying that.

It could be a deadly chemical that was clearly last purchased by an Al Qaida officer and was sent in a package to the White House with a return address on it and fingerprints, and officials would say, “It has nothing to do with terrorism.”

I watch CNN for an extra two hours this morning while I write this awaiting to hear the connection. But, I never hear a thing. Like Ricin is a natural substance that you can buy at the corner store and it is starting to simply show up in motel rooms. It is interesting how stupid journalists think we are.

Like I can’t see that Obama is being shoved down our throats with all the free coverage he’s getting. Like I can’t see that the “officials” don’t want to scare the public into a feeding frenzy. I’m a little bit more observant than you think.

You know what that means? That actually means I watch too much television. I think I have to get outside more.

But, what’s funniest of all is something I read the other day and I can totally relate it to my life. The anonymous story I read circled the internet and I wish I knew who wrote it. She talked about wanting to wash the car and going to the garage to get started, but one thing distracts her after another and she never gets anything accomplished.

That sounds like my day. I literally sit in front of my computer working all day long. I start out in the morning reading emails and most of them are junk, but others actually help me design my day. I get started designing a website for a client of mine when he calls.

He wants me to take a break from the website and write a report. I get started on the report and remember that I only have a little more time to write a blog for another client of mine. I have to do some research and that reminds me to check out certain computer parts on ebay.

About an hour later, after I’ve looked at plasma screen televisions and stereo equipment, I return to working on the website until I realize that I need that report finished. My client calls again to talk about the website and my mind is back on that until he brings up the report and asks me how far I am on that.

After getting back to the blog, Outlook Express makes that interesting noise announcing that I have an email so I take a look. It’s an emergency website programming task from yet another client and I’m on that in lightning speed. I take a look at the problem and realize that I can’t remember the access information. As I’m looking for the access information, I find something that I’ve needed to do for weeks so I make a note of that and then try to figure out what I was trying to do in the first place.

Have you ever had to sit and stare at your browser or Outlook Express until you figure out what you were going to do? I have this moment about five, ten times a day.

And that’s pretty much how my day goes. I get all my work finished for my clients and none at all for myself. Then, I sit back and reflect on how my day went.

Two blogs, a report, a page repair and a page construct. That’s about eight hours worth of work. So, why in the hell did it take me fifteen?

And if you haven’t figured it out by now, it took me an extra day to write this blog. The Office was back on track Thursday night and here it is Saturday morning finishing this entry. I really do need to get outside more.

What Are Your Thoughts?