That’s What I Like to See

I’ve been meaning to write about this for awhile, but good job Dixie Chicks. I mean, I like Toby Keith. I never lost any respect for him. In fact, what happened was two different sides going head to head. And they both were right.

That’s right. It is possible that two different sides can be right.

Toby Keith says support the troops. Back them up while they’re in Iraq. I agree. We should always back our troops. I was one by the way. Why wouldn’t I want America to stand behind our troops?

But, the Dixie Chicks were saying get the troops out of Iraq. We shouldn’t be there. The Dixie Chicks never said anything wrong about our military. They didn’t support the mission. And now, how popular of a notion is that?

I think everyone can see it for what it is. It’s a scheme for oil. It hardly has anything to do with terrorism. In fact, I’m not sure that we’ve done much to correct that situation at all.

But, the Dixie Chicks took a pretty hard hit for their once unpopular stand on the war. And wearing “FTK” shirts didn’t help their cause much. Yet, now look at them.

“I’m not ready to make nice.

I’m not ready to back down.

I’m mad as hell and I don’t have time

To go round and round and round.”

And look at the imagery in the video. If they aren’t making their point, I don’t know who is. They’ve come back and they’ve come back on the same tip that only a few short years ago, they were taking a great deal of criticism.

On a white screen with black rolling smoke, it kind of looks like oil. And then, they get dirty with oil all over them. Dirty with oil! Hard to wash off! That’s saying something. Of course, there is an even greater point being made in the video. They wear some school dresses. The writing on the blackboard says it all. Fighting against it says even more.

“Make nice,” is an old country term we tell our children when they’ve been bad. “Make nice,” “respect your elders,” “mind your parents,” … be nice and don’t make waves. Even when you are right, don’t make waves. “Speak when spoken to!”

The Dixie Chicks were treated like little girls who had no right to speak their mind. Especially, to talk back to a man. Well, they’re not ready “…to do what it is you think they should.”

“Forgive? Sounds good.

Forget? I don’t think I could.”

I love it!

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