The Basketball Court

One day, I walked to the basketball court. It was a unique thing taking place between guys from D.C., Baltimore, New York and Atlanta. They were having a rapping competition. These guys were spitting fresh rhymes from the top of their heads like it was the easiest thing to do. I loved it. I listened for awhile. But, then it got the best of me. It was like the guy inside of me had been awakened. The guy I had put on the backburner a long time ago. To become a United States Marine, to become an English teacher, I had put a certain part of me to rest. It was awakening.

As the shot of Mike moves around to the back of him, a crowd appears in the front of him. They’re hopping. They seem to be enjoying the music.

I waited until I had an opening and then I let fly all of the words that had been building inside of me over the last couple of months. I didn’t even feel the same. I felt my leather jacket again. I felt an intoxication again. I was back…

If you would like to read an interesting summation that isn’t quite finished yet, but promises to be continued…
Fame, Love, Murder and Frozen Music, Part 1

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