The Future of the Tabacco Industry When CVS Stops Selling Cigarettes

cvs tabacco

cvs tabaccoThe future of CVS, align themselves with Obamacare to make greater profits in the future than they could from cigarette sales. The CEO said that in so many words. Okay! Awesome! Sounds like they have the inside scoop on the ultimate hustle.

I mean, how else could Congress pass a 900 page law they didn’t even read? Remember, Nancy said they had to pass it first to find out what was in it? Then, people lose their insurance even though Obama said they would keep it.

Now he said they got grandfathered in, but that hasn’t happened to anyone who lost their insurance. It’s just too bad for them now. Sorry the insurance companies jumped on that one a little too fast because they saw the profit potential. But, there’s no way to fix it now! Too late. You can’t just put insurance policies back the way they were. Things just can’t be put back the way they were.

So, what’s the hustle? Americans everywhere are wondering what the real hustle is going to be. CVS just may have opened our eyes a little that the real hustle is about to come. I’m thinking, the government profits from the insurance policies they helped peddle. And by the government, I don’t mean that we will eventually see that money. It will go in the pockets of the hustlers in office.

Okay, then what? Drugs will go sky high, but they’ll be provided for by the insurance policies. It’s just that our ever growing dependency on drugs will make premiums keep rising year after year. And companies like CVS, willing to align themselves with the huge government ATM will not only profit from sales, but get kickback as well for making it possible.

The future of the tobacco industry, provide grants to local entrepreneurs who want to sell cigarettes right next door to a CVS. That way people can get their drugs, buy milk and then get their cigarettes. What a world? I want more. What’s next?

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