The Metaphors of A River in the Ocean

Rappahannock River Rapids

Rappahannock River RapidsAs I wrote A River in the Ocean, I had two things in mind. Write a good story everyone can enjoy and keep the metaphors intact. What most readers don’t know is that the novel is a complete metaphor for the life my daughter and I shared.

From the separation we went through because of my divorce from her mother to what it was like to be a single father, it’s all wrapped up in a great story about a father and his daughter who need to find each other again.

After awakening from a coma and suffering from Amnesia, Chris has to pick up the pieces and start his life over again. Miraculously, his daughter Krista is being taken care of by a wacky couple with good intentions. The comedy relief is bounced against the drama of a father who knows he’s missing something, but he just can’t figure out what it is.

To give readers greater insight into A River in the Ocean, I put together a Lens and I want you to enjoy it. To learn the Deeper Meaning of my latest novel, please visit…The A River in the Ocean Lens!

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