What Is It That Has People Doing These Crazy Things Over Pokemon Go?

What are you willing to do for Pokemon Go? The game that has people going all over town finding Pokemon. They are looking through their phones to follow the Pokemon and throw their Pokeballs in order to catch them. That’s about all I know after looking it up and reading an article.

Obviously, you download an app and it starts telling you where all the Pokemon are. So, people leave their jobs to go get Pikachu. They leave the baby sitting in a highchair at the restaurant to chase Bulbasaur. They walk down hallways of seven story hotels and bust right through the window at the end to get Squirtle.

Walking into walls, walking into trees, walking through water fountains, and getting hit by buses are just a few of the things Pokemon Go could have you doing if you were so engrossed in the game that you didn’t realize what was going on around you. What stupid things have you done chasing Pokemon? Can you relate to any of these?

But first:
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Back to the story: Besides bruising shins and breaking arms, what does Pokemon Go have people doing?

Going Into The Police Station


They Block Driveways


Low Key It While Wife’s In Labor

pokemon while wife is in labor

Finding Dead Bodies


Getting Jacked By Thugs


And Of Course, Walking Around Blind


But, the worst has to be the one concerning the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C…

holocaust museum
The museum seems to have come up as a Pokestop for the game. How that happened is up to the people who created it and how they designed it to play. But, the museum curators feel it is inappropriate. Taking into account the Koffing, a character that emits poisonous gas. What has curators most concerned is how cruel would that be for the Koffing to appear beside a sign for the Helena Rubinstein Auditorium, an auditorium dedicated to testimonials from Jews who survived the gas chamber. An image was posted of such a thing, but it’s not confirmed whether it was a joke and someone photoshoped it or if it was for real. The original post was soon deleted.

Terrible Joke!


What Are Your Thoughts?