The Windows Live Meltdown

windows live

windows live

The Real Windows Live

My new computer has its own set of noises that I’m not used to yet. So, I sit here half the day wondering what my computer is trying to tell me. Of course, I could just change the settings. But, I can’t find that. It’s not where it used to be. So I’m just going to go with it until one day I find it accidentally, which is my normal mode of operation. I’m used to it. Why fix it?

Anyway, so I hear a click in my house and I immediately wonder if it’s my coffee pot. That’s when it dawned on me, my house has its own set of noises that I should try to learn. What is my house trying to tell me? What if I can customize the settings of the noises my house makes? Visitors at my door sound like someone knocking. A person calling me sounds like a phone ringing. The microwave makes beeps when my food is done. See where I’m going with this? It’s bloody brilliant!

Or, and I think that this is probably more true, I need to get away from my computer every once in a while. My mind is melting. The world is not one huge Windows Operating System. I can’t just X out of places when I no longer want to be there. I can’t google where my keys are and when traffic stops, I can’t just reboot it.

Maybe I should take the red pill. Does anyone know where to find that Morpheus guy?

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