To Whisper a Prayer

The internal language we do not learn, but know. It is on our breaths before we even know how to breathe a word. It is in our hearts before our minds can recollect consciousness.

When a boy is lost in the woods a few hundred yards from safety, he utters words that were not taught to him. But, words that he very well knows.

When a man is facing financial struggle with no means in sight to climb his way out, he utters words that he has fought throughout his life. But, words he knows will heal his wounds. Words he knows won’t change the world, but will calm his restless spirit.

When facing dangers of any kind, when facing loss, stress or any kind of suffering, the words that form from our lips, that pour from our hearts are the same in every language. They are the same no matter who the God of our understanding may be, even when our intellect has refused to acknowledge a God of our understanding.

The internal language…the voice of prayer.

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