Voter Fraud Caught on Camera

election results

Voter fraud verified! Caught on camera!

The video below shows how a vote for one candidate was caught on camera being switched to the other candidate. The way to beat that if it happens to you is to clear the vote by pressing it again or looking for a clear button to reset your votes. Not all machines are the same.

Then, it depends on where the candidate is that is being fraudulently selected. If their box is above your box, press the very bottom of your candidate’s box. If their box is below yours, press the very top of your candidate’s box.

So, pay attention when voting on the machine! Make sure your vote counts!

Another way voter fraud has been perpetrated, a worker claiming to be doing a census or some other official seeming task will knock on your door and require your signature. Don’t sign anything unless you know what it is. It could be an absentee ballot being submitted on your behalf.

Of course if you are selling your votes for money, phones or cocaine, you know you’re wrong. If you are submitting absentee ballots on behalf of your sister who is in a coma, you know you’re wrong. You are not allowed to vote eight times. If you do, you know you’re wrong.

If our leadership is being chosen fraudulently, if bills are being passed or vetoed fraudulently, America is not going in the direction we have chosen. Let’s allow our system to work!

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