When My Computer Refuses to Let Me Work


computerIt’s just one of those days…

My computer: Hey, I’m updating Windows. Oh look, you need this security patch. Restart your computer.
Me: Right now? Seriously?
My computer: Whoa! Your anti-virus needs updated. After that, guess what? That’s right! Restart your computer.
Me: Again?
My computer: Yeah, then Adobe has to update…

My computer: Now, Javascript…

My computer:  Hey! Hey you! Having fun yet? Because, guess what? Restart!

Me: Why this time?

My computer: Oh, just because.

Me: When do I get to work?

My computer: I don’t know dude! You’ve installed thousands of software and all of them need updated from time to time. I’m making that day today!

Me: But, I have work to do.

My computer: Not my problem.


What Are Your Thoughts?